Saturday, 17 October 2009

Mirror Spock

Here we have the all time classic Mirror Spock. He of the evil beard. What can I say about this figure? He has a great sculpt and the face looks fantastic. He has the proper long boots which have been something that has a tendency to get left out (even once in the AA/DST line). My one complaint is that the paint for his medals doesn't stand out well and they tend to look a bit dirty. This is probably an essential figure for any Trek enthusiast so go out and get him.


Here is another figure from the Revoltech Street Fighter Online series. I love the optional huge metal claw she uses.


This figure is from the Revoltech Street Fighter Online series. As expected from a Revoltech figure it is well detailed and articulated. She does have strangely big hands though.

Ride Armor Bartley Type

Rounding out our look at CM's offerings is this Ride Armour from Genesis Climber Mospeada or as it was transformed into in the west Robotech series 3 (The New Generation). The armour detaches from the figure and transforms into a bike the figure can ride on.

Mugen Calibur Miyazawa Mokei Limited Color Version

This guy is a Mugen Calibur from the series Dorvack. Eagle eyed readers may recognise him as the Transformer Roadbuster from the Deluxe Autobots assortment. Back in the day Hasbro released several figures from other lines under the Transformers banner and this guy was one of them. This figure is a similar scale to the original but has much improved detail and articulation while maintaining the ability to transform.

Scopedog Bockmesser Custom

Just for a change of pace I'm putting up some posts about recent acquisitions from Hobby Link Japan. This guy is a Scopedog from the Votoms series made by CM's. They seem to pack a lot of detail and movement into quite small toys. They also charge lots of money and in each of these cases I was only able to justify the purchase because they were severely discounted. I got interested in Votoms because they started appearing in the Microman line.

Movie Mike

Last night I watched second TMNT movie "The Secret of the Ooze". It seems appropriate to highlight this figure which depicts him from that movie. While I complained abut the regular turtles these figures are really great. The likeness of the movie costume is deftly captured with great paint details and a more rubbery feeling plastic.

Here he is in the movie.

Here is a comparison with the regular figure.

Jake Rockwell

Possibly one of the greatest and most neglected toylines from the '80s was Centurions. I never got any back in the day probably because they were pretty expensive. They are beautiful toys, well sculpted and articulated and with a very fun gimmick of modular weapon systems. This is Jake Rockwell equipped with the Fireforce weapon system.

Here is he with the armour removed:


Continuing on the Playmates kick I've recently been on, here is Hugo from the World of Springfield line. He was packed in the Treehouse of Horror III set along with Dream Invader Willie, Witch Marge and Donut-head Homer. Once again we see a great sculpt with nice paint apps but seriously limited articulation.

Playmates Captain Picard

Here is another Playmates Star Trek figure. Captain Picard in the variant uniform seen in the 5th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is a great sculpt and a very good likeness of Patrick Stewart. This guy was also acquired from eBay.

TMP Mego Spock

Here we have Spock from the Mego Star Trek: The Motion Picture line. These were nicely sculpted figures for the time but had limited articulation compared to Mego's Buck Rogers or Black Hole toylines. This example is suffering from heavy paint wear which I plan to touch up.

AA/DST Cage Spock

Here we have another version of Mr Spock as he appeared in "The Cage". This time as part of the Art Asylum/Diamond Select toy line. As is typical for the Art Asylum figures the sculpting is very good. I believe this was a Toys R Us exclusive but I got him from ebay.