Sunday, 24 July 2011

Modern Skeletor

Again this is a pretty solid update of the original. Lots of nice details and the Havoc Staff looks really good.

Modern He-Man

The 2002 series of Masters of the Universe figures took ages to come out in Australia. I picked this guy up from the shops in 2004. Many of the figures didn't seem to get a release over here at all as we went from the first wave straight into the Snake Men. The updating He-Man is pretty good. He does look a bit elfish to me rather than the huge Muscle Man that I expect.

Modern King Hiss

In the 2000s the Masters of the Universe line was relaunched and once again the Snake Men made an appearance just before the line came to an end. The updated King Hiss is very cool. It copies many of the elements from the original figure and adds some nice touches. I actually prefer this version of the head. Like the original figure he opens up to show the massed snakes within. This time you don't have to pry off the armour and the main snake has a sping loaded gimmick.

King Hiss

King Hiss, leader of the Snake Men. The Snake Men were a new faction introduced towards the end of the original Masters of the Universe Line. The human upper body splits into two and the arms pieces may be removed to show his true form. It's pretty darn great.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Man at Arms

Original Man at Arms. Another classic design with great armour and a cool mace. In the Filmation cartoon and subsequent media he has been depicted with a moustache but I prefer this clean shaven look.


This is original Skeletor. This was also a figure that I badly wanted as a child but was only able to get much later on. I still really like the design of the armour with the extra belt piece.


This is the first entry looking at one of my all time favourite toylines, Masters of the Universe. This is the original He-Man. I remember wanting him desperate in the 80s but was too late into MOTU for him to still be on the shelves. My first figure was Battle Armour Skeletor and I later received Thunder Punch He-Man. Much later I hunted down an original He-Man.