Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I got this guy loose on ebay and I'm pretty sure he he the Japanese white box reissue since he has blue eyes. I was able to get a Diaclone driver for him from another web store. The green driver is the correct driver for the mold that became Inferno.

Flip Sides

Flip Sides is an ehobby exclusive repaint of the classic Eject/Rewind mold. She was included with Twincast. The character is intended to be a Decepticon double agent which is pretty interesting.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


A great repaint of what was already a pretty great toy. This guy is Japan only version of Perceptor in the colors of his original Microman release. He is an evil Microscope which I find kind of funny.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hound (Legends)

Another entry from the modern Transformers line that updates a classic character, adds articulation and in this case shrinks them down to mini-car size.


Twincast is Blaster's rebuilt form after battling to the death with Soundwave. This is the reissue which was an eHobby exclusive.

Custom Classics Thundercracker

This is a custom painted Thundercracker based on Classics Starscream. I used stickers from Reprolabels. The paint work is a bit rough and I keep chipping it by transforming him.

G2 Megatron (Legends)

Megatrn in G2 tank form.

Trailbreaker (Legends)

Finaly Trailbreaker makes a return to the toy shelves!


Fixer is a member of Delta Squad from the game Republic Commando


Boss is the leader of Delta Squade who are the main characters of the video game Republic Commando

Perceptor (Reveal the Shield)

A nice new version of a classic character. He is designed to be compatible with the classic toy's weapons.

Pull Back Batmobile

This pull bcak Batmobile is very remeniscent of the Penny Racer cars made by Takara.

89 Movie Batmobile

Hot Wheels really nails the brilliant 89 Batmobile.


This is the Japanese Re-Issue of the classic Blaster toy. He is seriously big and carries a very big gun.

60s Batmobile

Once again Hot Wheels delivers and awesome version of a very cool car.

WST Optimus Prime

This is not the offical WST Prime. I obtained him from ebay and the trailer has actually been somewhat improved.

Roller and guns.

Purple Covenant Combat Unit

This is the Purple Covenant Combat Unit. I am surprised they felt it appropriate to include two Brutes when I would have preferred 2 Grunts. Since you can't see the Grunt because he is too short, here is another picture:

Red Spartan (Halo ActionClix)

This is a Red Spartan from the Halo Action CLix range. He looks really nice but is sadly too big to be compatible with other major miniature lines like Warhammer 40k.

Doom Chainsaw Marine

This is a marine from the Doom boardgame hand painted by me.

Special Weapons Dalek Rolykins

To my knowlege this is the only toy that has ever been made of the special weapons dalek from Rememberence of the Daleks.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Brave & The Bold Batmobile

Hot Wheels are pretty hard to beat for cars in this scale. This batmobile is no exception.

Mega Bloks Warthog

The Warthog is an iconic Halo vehicle. I really enjoyed driving it around in the original Halo game. The Mega Bloks version is pretty damn good, it looks about right and has a satisfying heft and complexity to it.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Orange Spartan Hazops

I still haven't played Halo Reach so the signifgance of th Hazops armour is lot on me. It is a very nice figure however. In Australia the Orange coloring was a K-Mart exclusive.