Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Counsellor Troi

Another '90s Star Trek figure from Playmates. Fun figure but she can't hold anything in her hands which sucks.

The Rookie

Cool figure of the Rookie from Halo ODST. It was a surprisingly fun game and even though the articulation is strange it is a nice figure.

Bot Shots Skyquake

These Bot Shots toys are actually pretty fun. I have kept away because of the high price but was able to get this for cheap at Savers. Despite the fact that he is green, he is not Acid Storm (who has a green translucent toy) but Skyquake. Edit - It turns out Skyquake has a translucent version too. Confusing.

Barriss Offee

Seriously great figure of a fairly minor character from the movies. One of the nice things about the prequels is that they actually had some female characters.

Pilot Scotty

Scotty as he appeared in the second Star Trek Pilot "Where No One Has Gone Before". I find these pilot uniform figures really cool.

Metal Grey Knight Terminators

At the time these cam out I didn't care much for these miniatures. I've since warmed up to them after they got replaced by plastics and GW started doing resin instead of metal. Grey Knights are fun minis to have and I look forward to using them (somehow).


Geldor was the villain in a Mini-Comic in the '80s. It is great to see these minor characters getting there day in the sun.