Friday, 27 February 2009

Dapol Cyberman

The Dapol Cyberman. I think its a decent sculpt but something seems not quite right to my eye. It could also use a coat of paint to make it more silvery (It actually looks more grey in person).

Update: I drilled some holes in his feet so he would accept a G.I.Joe stand. Here is a height comparison with the Inferno B.A.T. figure. I think it is kind of appropriate that he towers over normal figures.


Zygon from the classic Doctor Who series. It isn't explicitly a particular charcter but I choose to believe that it is Broton. He comes with a tiny accessory and the head for the build a figure K1 robot from the first Tom Baker story Robot.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

A303 Blue Star

Original Acroyear, accept no substitutes. Note the die cast chest which gives him a nice heft when you hold him.

He also has a very strange vehicle mode where you take off his lover legs, stick a wheel between his knees and attach alternate arms that end in wheels.

One of these days I'm going to hunt down some of the other color variants of him. I'd love to get the convention exclusive "Birth of Acroyear" set which features a green translucent Microman and Acroyear.

M144 Howard

Microman Spy Magician, not pictured magic wand and cuffs (serious, not a joke). They are still on a sprue and I am feeling guilty about removing them. At the time I was aquiring these guys getting a Spy Magician figure on ebay was very frustrating. I got outbid so many times. When I look at him I'm not entirely sure why I bothered. Sure he is an OK figure but he doesn't speak to me like some of the others.

Micronauts Acroyear (aka Acroyear II)

In the Takara line these guys were the second version of the Acroyears. In Micronauts they simply became Acroyear. These guys are Palisades reissues. The reissue adds a sword to match his comic appearances which is a very nice addition.

Time Travellers

On the left: Palisades Black Time Traveler and on the right Palisades Time Traveler Medic.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Dapol TARDIS on the left, Character Options TARDIS on the right. The Character Options TARDIS is much more acccurate and has more advanced electronics (and sound) that the Dapol one lacks. Interestingly the Dapol TARDIS opens out into a console room although I don't have a control console to go with it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jazz (Movie)

And Movie Jazz! Of course you should never start a sentence with an and. I found his regular toy to be deeply unsatisfying with its huge legs and puny arms. This Robot Replica toy looks a lot better but lacks certain points of articulation that I expected. I guess I'm spoiled by lots of Revoltech.

Pheyden Again

So I'm still trying to take a good Photo of this guy that shows off the translucent body. Still not happy.

Monday, 23 February 2009


The plain old vanilla Cyberman. Technically this is from "Army of Ghosts" because he has the arm mounted gun.

Cyber Leader

Only available in a pack with two radio control Daleks. I got mine from ebay and have no RC Daleks but one day I shall be avenged.

Note also the removable Cybus Industries check logo is removable and in fact has been removed and lost by the previous owner. You can't see it too clear in this photo but his handlebars are actually black to indicate his leader status.

Cyber Controller

Cool figure, note the clear panel showing his brain. He is probably my favorite out of the whole line.

Micro Daleks

Baby Daleks courtesy of ebay.

10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant. I fail at flash photography.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Standard Pheyden

These photos really fail to capture how cool these things are in real life.

Phase Pheyden

This guy is what first attached me to this line. The clear green body was very reminiscent of Microman which I was collecting like crazy at the time.

Standard Exellis

I may as well give these guys a plug:
Onell Design

Hyper Exellis

This one is probably my favorite out of the four.

Cyber Ninjas

All three of my custom Cyber Ninjas. Based on one of Lanard's Space Corps figures. From left to right: Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke.

Classic Villains Return

Group shot showing new Dalek, Cyberman and Sontaran. The Sontarans in particular look great in the new series.

Dalek Supreme

The Dalek Supreme as seen in the episode "The Stolen Earth". I'm not a big fan of this design. I'm also kinda used to the Dalek Supreme being black so the red is a bit jarring to me. If only they had come up with a different name (Dalek Prime?).

Assault Dalek

This Dalek has an unusual claw / cutting arm and was seen in the episode "Parting of the Ways".

Here is one of the things that makes the line so special, look at the name glyph detail under the eyestalk:


Another of my toy collections is Doctor Who. This is Davros the creator of the Daleks as seen in "The Stolen Earth". It is quite a mild redesign keeping many elements from the classic series, which I appreciate. The figure has one articulated arm which allows him to wave in an inappropriately cheerful way.

Soundwave (Encore)

Soundwave is one of my favorite characters from G1. He has a unique and unforgettable voice and had the distinction of being both loyal to Megatron and competent. Soundwave was originally a Microman toy in the Microchange subline as were Laserbeak and Ravage.

Red Falcon

One of the palisades reissues. The quality control on this really wasn't great. The firing fists are very temperamental and one of the wheels was broken off in the box. The concept of magnetic interchangeable limbs cointinues to be compelling.

015 Robotman Cross

New Robotman for the 1999 Microman series. I have the deluxe version which includes a number of extra magnetic attachments.

If you attach them all he does look somewhat silly however. Still, a nice figure with the ever entertaining magnetic gimmick.

AX-14 AcroBiom

Words really can't describe how cool this toy looks but as with many of its brethren it is somewhat weak and the joints struggle to support the weight of its gear.

AX-11 AcroScorl

Another cool Acroyear. He has the interchangeable hand and weapon gimmick like the larger Henshin Cyborg toys.

MK-08 Mr. Kamen

This guy seems to be able to suck you life force or perhaps soul through a straw. An alternate head with plastic straw is provided for this purpose.

MK-01 Kinikuman

Kinikuman also known as Kid Muscle in the english dub of the Anime. I really like the design of the Microman wrestler body. It gives the figure a bit more substance and heft and also adds some extra articulation.

Galactus (Super Hero Squad)

This version of Galactus is almost heart-breakingly cute. Obtained for cheap at "The Warehouse" (now Sam's Warehouse).

Wolverine (Super Hero Squad)

Nice cute little Wolverine figure with four points of articulation which actually allow some variety in posing.

She Hulk (Super Hero Squad)

The Sensational She Hulk!

The Super Hero Squad is the marvel comics equivalent of the Robot Heroes toyline.


This is Chameleon rather than the Baroness presumably because Hasbro was having trademark difficulties at the time. I remember seeing the Baroness figure as a child in a catalog and wanting it very badly. Call this an exercise in wish fulfillment.

I only recently realised Chameleon is actually a different character from the Baroness. She is actually a Joe who has taken the Baroness' place in the Cobra organisation and acts as a spy against them.

Trailbreaker (Encore)

G1 Trailbreaker Encore reissue. This toy has sooo many losable parts and looks somewhat fragile. I have no idea how anyone thought it would be suitible for children. As an adult I really like it.

Trailbreaker is another toy originally from Diaclone.

Optimus Prime / Convoy (Encore Edition)

Optimus Prime, possibly the greatest toy of all time. This is the recent Encore reissue which has the advantages that it has full length smoke stacks (unlike western reissues), a powerful launcher for Roller and painted Autobot symbols on his shoulders.

This toy was originally from the Diaclone toyline which was itself an offshoot of Microman. The Diaclone figures retain the chromed head from Microman but are much smaller (about an inch high). They also have magnetic feet which is a gimmick that appeared several times in Microman. Unfortunately for Transformers the drivers were dropped. Early Optimus Primes featured metal inserts in the trailer sides which are a leftover from the magnetic figures. Later releases removed this.

Sonia Blade

Sonia Blade - regular edition. I've seen a custom on the internet that mixes the green and black parts from this and the movie version to get something that looks a bit closer to what appears in the game.

Robot Hero Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime from the ultra cute Robot Heroes line. His post is oddly reminiscent of the evil monkey who lives in Chris Griffin's closet in Family Guy.

Microman Family Tree

Revoltech Starscream

Starscream holding Megatron. Another triumph for the sculptors working on the Revoltech line. Highly recommended.

Revoltech Megatron

This figure is really nice. He has a great chunky feel and the articulation scheme has been improved from that found in Convoy/Optimus Prime.


This is repaint I did to make a Secktor who sadly never appeared in the Mortal Kombat toyline. The base figure is a Star Corps figure from Lanard.


If you thought the last photo was bad, this one came out even worse. This is Ryu from Street Fighter.

Edit: New photo:

Shang Tsung

Sadly another crap picture. This is the version of Shang Tsung that was a pack in with the Dragon Boat.

Edit: Here is a better pic.

Shang Tsung first appeared as the boss in the original Mortal Kombat. He had the ability to morph into other characters and has been depicted as being able to steal souls to becomee more powerful.