Sunday, 22 February 2009


My collection of Tron reissure figures including the brown warrior we was only available with the Tron 2.0 preorder.

From left to right: Brown Warrior, Red Warrior, Sark, Tron and Flynn.

These were originally released by Tomy in 1982 and were recently re-released by NECA in support of the Tron 2.0 game.

If you are a Microman collector then the chances are you like translucent action figures and may enjoy these. The weapons also have the nice gimmick of being glow in the dark.

I'm still missing the exclusive variants of the figures that were packaged with the light cycles. I want them so bad.


David said...

We watched tron at Youth Group the other day. A story about a programmer who goes inside the computer to save it. I liked it except for the logic probe bit, that just didn’t work.

Azereal said...

Scarily I was able to look that up: Logic Probe

I guess it doesn't entirely make sense but there you go.