Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Classic Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem as he appeared in Duke Nukem 3d. This was made by

The Thing

The Thing has a waist swivel and that's it. I consider that to be weak.


Nightcrawler! Now we are talking! Great pose with shoulder and waist articulation.


The Juggernaut! He sure is cute. He has shoulder articulation but not waist for some reason. He also has a tendency to fall on his face. I fixed this by putting two small blobs of blu-tack under his toes.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey! Great sculpt and the two part construction really sells it. No articulation again but its kind-of understandable.

Human Torch

The Human Torch! Translucent plastic has never looked so good. No articulation sadly but I can live with that.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Alien Hybrid

The Alien Hybrid from Alien Resurrection. The weird pose actually sort-of works here.

Here is the group shot.

Alien Resurrection Ripley

Alien Resurrection Ripley. Again a good sculpt marred by a weird pose.

Alien Resurrection Alien

The Alien from Alien Resurrection. Nice sculpt but silly pre-posed stance.

Broken Tusk Predator

One of the many predator figures from th 90's Predator line. Decent enough but I would prefer the original (vanilla) Predator.

Terminator Endoskeleton

This is the endoskeleton from Kenner's T2 toyline. It is a great sculpt with light pipe eyes. Highly recommended!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Aliens Ellen Ripley

This Ripley figure is from the 90's Aliens line from Kenner. While clearly taking great liberties from the look of the film the flamethrower shows some movie influence.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lego Snowspeeder

The essential companion to the AT-AT is the Rebel Snowspeeder. This is the second version of this model and again we see an improvement in the design and construction.

Lego TIE Fighter

The Lego TIE Fighter is another very solid set.

Lego AT-AT

The Lego AT-AT. Another monster of a kit.

Lego Millenium Falcon

The Lego Millenium Falcon. This is my favorite of the Lego Star Wars kits and is one of the best Lego kits ever. This is the second version which improves on the accuracy from the first attempt. On the downside it omes with pink skinned mini figures that I hate.

Matchbox Batmobile

This is the first ever Matchbox Batmobile. The distinction seems a bit arbitary since Mattel owns both Matchbx and Hot Wheels.

Lego Tie Advanced

The Lego Tie Advanced (AKA Darth Vader's Tie Fighter) is another cool model. It came packaged together with a Y-Wing fighter.

Lego X-Wing

The Lego X-Wing fighter. This is the verion that came with Yoda's hut and represents a big improvemnt from the first Lego X-Wing.