Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Goddess

The Goddess is my first MOTU Classics Figure. I initially has no interest in collecting this line due to high cost and difficulty obtaining them from Matty Collector. I obtained her off ebay which I was much more comfortable with. The figure itself is nice. Very tall compared to the vintage and modern lines. My figure suffers from the "bobblehead" problem that I have seen discussed on various websites.

The origin of this figure is the very first Minicomic where He-Man saves her from a monster and is rewarded with his harness, sword and shield (Also included with this figure). To my knowledge this is her only appearance with green skin.

The Classics armour is actually compatible with the vintage figures. The axe handle is a little thicker than the vintage item but the hand is flexible enough to grip it. I had to use a paper clip to convince the shield to stay on however.

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