Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Cage Spock

Recently I have had an urge to get into some of the 90's Playmates lines. This has lead me to getting some of their Star Trek figures. At the time they were released I really didn't like them. I found them cartoony in appearance and I hated the diagonal hip joints. They also seemed to be a step backwards from the Galoob 3-3/4" figures that had came before. At the time 3-3/4" was my preferred scale thanks to GIJoe and Star Wars.

Anyhow I now have re-evaluated the line and have found many treasures. I've become a bit more flexible in regards to scale and articulation and now have a fondness for the slightly exaggerated looks. This is Mr Spock from the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage". Notice the collar that wasn't part of the regular original series uniform.

Notice also that he doesn't have his hand in th Vulcan salute pose that is the bane of other Spocks in this line. This problem was addressed in the newer Art Asylum/Diamond Select line by having interchangeable hands.

Here is a screenshot from The Cage for comparison.

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