Saturday, 26 September 2009

Hyperdrive Gets No Love

Its been a while since I have posted and now that I am I find myself wanting to talk about something other than toys.

Hyperdrive was a BBC2 Sci-Fi comedy that lasted two seasons. I've only found out about it recently when one of my mates saw some of it on Australian TV. I've now watched most of the first season and have really enjoyed it. I thought I would look on the Internet to see if anyone had written anything interesting about it but all I find is people bagging it and saying it isn't as funny as Red Dwarf. Some people even say it isn't funny at all and are thankful it has been canceled.

I find this very distressing. It certainly doesn't have the laugh out loud factor that Red Dwarf has but I don't think this is what they were trying for. It has a wistful longing quality that I find very engaging. All of the crew are somewhat incompetent but come across as basically well meaning. I find myself getting sucked in and wanting them to succeed.

I'm very sorry that there wont be any more of this series. The Comedy Sci-Fi genre is a very small one and I think there is room for many more entries. I can't imagine why people rag on it so badly. I would like to encourage people to give it a go. I think it is an under appreciated gem.

Here is a link to the BBC web page for the show:
Hyperdrive BBC Page

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