Sunday, 23 September 2007

Palisades Pharoid

Hi again,
One subject I haven't talked about much is the Palisades Micronaut reissues. This guy is a Pharoid. The basic mold is taken from the Microman Command M16X series toys. The capsule has been slightly remolded to change the Japanise text into Heiroglyphics. He is from the second and final series of palisades reissues.

Exclusive to the palisades release is the new shoulder wings and the gun. The figure has been given two 2mm holes in his back to accommodate the new wings similar to the Microman M18X Lady Command Figures.

He is one of the better palisades items that I own. Palisades seemed to have terrible quality control problems with this series which probably really drew collectors away. This guy has no major issues and looks pretty nice.

I got my Pharoid off eBay. They should be pretty easy to find.

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