Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Hi everyone, I am Azereal your host.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few weeks now.
My primary motivation for doing this is that I have recently become a Microman collector.

If you haven't heard of Microman it is a long running toyline from Japan, produced by Takara (now Tomy-Takara). It started in 1974 and ran to 1984, was followed by a reissue series in 1996-97, a relaunch in 1999-2000 and was relaunched again in 2003 and is still going.

Microman would also be brought to the west as Micronauts by another company called Mego. The Micronauts line would later be resurrected by several companies. Most recently by Palisades in 2002-2003.

One of the reasons for wanting to blog about this subject is that thanks to Hobby Link Japan (, Animezone (my local source of toy goodness) and eBay my collection has grown from nothing to fairly large in around a month and I haven't had a chance to give each item due consideration. I am hoping to devote at least one post per item over the coming weeks.

Another important reason for starting this blog is that I don't really know anyone else who is particularly interested in this subject. Even if nobody reads this blog I plan to enjoy writing it and expressing some of thoughts on the subject.

I will now leave you with a pic of M251 Robin.

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