Wednesday, 5 September 2007

L-22 Shining Arthur with Shining Blaster

Hi again,
this morning I was very slow to get up. This meant I was at home when the parcel post guy came around. In todays parcels I found Shining Arthur and Shining Odin.

Shining Arthur is part of the 1999-2000 Microman line. The line is interesting from the point of view that it introduces a whole new cast of characters at a different scale to the earlier (and indeed the current) Microman line. One of the key gimmicks was having magnets implanted in the Figures. The line was also much more kid focussed than the current line. This seems to have reduced its desirability to collectors.

I had already received a Magne Power Arthur a few weeks ago. This figure is an update of this character.

I have to say I am quite impressed. The number of points of articulation has been increased. Shining Arthur has ball jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and ankles. He has rotating wrists and waist and conventionally jointed knees. This represents a great improvement from the Magne Arthur figure. He also has magnets in each foot and an LED in his chest. The body is constructed out of clear red and opaque grey with silver details. The head and belt and silver chrome. The chrome head is a traditional Microman touch although this one is unusual in that the area around the eyes is painted skin colored suggesting that the chrome pieces are a helmet and hair.

As for accessories he comes with a jetpack (which holds the batteries for the LED) and a red multibarrel gun which can also be configured as armour. Both of these items are pretty nice. The backpack is cast in the same translucent red as parts of the figure. The gun is a more pinky red transparent colour.

Anyhow. It is a cool figure and if you haven't tried out the 1999-2000 line (dubbed Micromillenium by Microman Forever ( then this would be a good item to give a try. You may end up liking him lots. The magnetic feet are particularly nice because it means you can pose him standing on the side of your computer.

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