Friday, 7 September 2007

M102 Jack

Hello again,
one of the favourite Microman toys is my reissue of M102 Jack. He is a reissue of one of the original Microman toys from 1974. He is an interesting item because he predates to idea of using a standard peg and sockets system introduced in 1975 and used in virtually every figure and vehicle afterwards.

My reissue Jack is from the second release of the reissue under the "Victory Edition" label from 2001. He comes packaged with a gold chest piece and a capsule. The Victory Edition also comes packaged with two guns which are replicas of those found in the Rescue Power-up set.

For a 1974 toy he has an incredible level of articulation. He has all of the joints found on the first series of 3.75" GI Joes (which obviously use same type of construction) plus ball jointed wrists and ankles. The clear body combined with the chrome head and chest plate look really slick.

I did have small issues when I got him out of the packaging. He needed a bit of a trim to remove molding artifacts. This was particularly evident on the ankle ball. I also found that his chest plate fell of really easily. I now use the chest plate from the Palisades black Time Traveler with him which seems to work better.

Another item to note is that because he predates the 5mm peg system his feet have no peg holes which means you can't use a stand with him. This makes him a bit more difficult to display since he falls over fairly easily.

After saying all of that I have to say that he is a very nice looking figure and fun to play around with. Having at least one of the M10X barefoot figures is a good move for anyone who wants to experience the appeal of Microman toys.

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