Friday, 7 September 2007

RS-04 Ray with Side Caliber

Hello again,
I haven't had a chance to talk about the current Microman line yet. So I thought I would introduce it with a quick discussion about Ray and her Side Caliber motorcycle.

One of the key things to notice about modern Microman toys is they are much taller than their classic brethren. They also have ditched the 5mm peg size for the most part and use 3mm pegs again. Modern Microman toy typically come with a clear stand which has pegs for both 5mm and 3mm feet. Finally modern Microman figures have a very large amount of articulation, typically 30+ points.

Ray and her Side Caliber were part of a sub-line of the 2005 assortment called Road Spartan. There were four bikes and their riders. The bikes could all be combined to make a single large road vehicle.

Ray is a really nice figure. She has a good sculpt and an interesting paint scheme. Since she rides a motorbike it is appropriate that she has a visor that can lower and cover her face.

The bike itself is solidly constructed and can happily roll along the floor. The sidecar can also seat a second Microman figure, classic or modern. The sidecar detaches and can become a fairly unconvincing set of battle armour. The bike can split in half, which is part of how it combines with the 3 other motorcycles in the Road Spartan subline.

All in all a fun toy and highly recommended. I got mine off eBay and I am sure it would not be challenging to find one there for your own collection, dear reader.

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